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Share the Music!

In these trying times and difficult circumstances, we understand that the arts are perhaps more important now than ever.  We encourage everyone to keep singing, whether it’s at home or online.  Keep sharing the music!

The EMCA Executive

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We Need Your Voice

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Since the pandemic began, Manitoba Choral Association has been working on finding ways to change public perception that choral singing is a dangerous activity. In June 2020, we expressed our concerns with the Manitoba Government’s Phase 2 Plan for Restoring Services, which listed choral singing as a risky activity, and…
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Fall Events Cancelled

Posted on
These are truly trying times. A year ago, it would have been unthinkable that our communities would become so adversely affected by anything such as a pandemic. However, the way we live and go about our days has changed drastically in the last several months. Music, and choral singing in…
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New YouTube Channel

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To all choir singers. EMCA has created a new Youtube channel where we hope to show a variety of past and future choral events. You can find the links at the top and bottom of our website, or you can click on this link. Be sure to subscribe to the…
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