The Eastman Choral Association is 30 years strong! A non-profit organization founded in 1988 to enhance and promote the growth of choral activities in Manitoba’s Eastman Region, it is one of six regional affiliates of the Manitoba Choral Association committed to preserving and promoting Manitoba’s strong choral tradition.

EMCA is an energetic and busy organization, presenting five key programs annually. The fall season brings the regional School Choral Workshop, consisting of four choirs and accommodating more than 400 singers from all corners of the Eastman region. The Eastman Youth Choir is also a vibrant bunch, rehearsing through two fast-paced weekends in the fall, followed by a never-to-be-forgotten regional tour. The annual Peace Concert, the Easter Sunrise Service and Sunday evening Vespers services provide opportunities for community members who love to sing with and for each other. Additional to the natural incentive to participate is the appeal of working with exceptional choral conductors from this province and beyond.

Board of Directors

President: Meredith Hutchinson
Vice President: David Sawatzky
Past President: Shannon Sawatzky
Secretary: Kim Bestvater Sidorchuk
Treasurer: Tiffany Banman
MCA Representative: David Sawatzky Social Media:  TBD Eastman Youth Choir: Shannon Sawatzky
Eastman Community Choir: Lin Wiebe, Loren Koehler, Nathan Dyck
Choral Workshop: Meredith Hutchinson
Vespers Contact: Emmy Friesen

Members at large: Nathaniel De Avila, Gabriella Gallo, Gina Reimer, Michael Dueck